• Biochemical liver function test in a transplant recipient: A case report

      Aslam, Fahim; Silmy, Shameemah (Acta Scientific, 2020-07-30)
      The percentage of liver transplantations over the last two decades has been on the rise across the world, nearly 33000 reported transplants took place in 2017 with an increase expected in the upcoming years. Majority of the recipients of liver transplant generally has liver cirrhosis caused by NAFLD/AFLD making them vulnerable to damage their other organs as well. In most cases the transplantation organ is donated by a blood relative within the family as most other donors have high chances of graft rejection. We report a case of liver cirrhosis patient with continuously liver function tests carried out for a period of three months, subsequently the patient was listed as one of the recipients for liver transplant as his biochemical parameters showed signs of liver failure progressing to severe state.